The photo shoot with Abbott Images was like an afternoon playing in the park for my boys (6 and 3).  Libby let them lead the way and even up a tree, and worked with them instead of against them.  When they climbed into the bushes and up the tree, Libby followed along and snapped hundreds of photos.  With Abbott Images there is no stress and fighting with the boys to sit still and have their pictures taken, they can simply be themselves.  –Franni

I had the great opportunity to work with Libby for our daughter’s 1st birthday pictures.  Our daughter was less than willing to cooperate on picture day, but Libby did an amazing job of working with her.  She was so patient with her and got some great shots that we love.  She had a lot of really creative ideas and we look forward to working with her again!  –Katie Betz

We absolutely LOVED the pictures you took of our children.  You captured their natural smiles, their senses of humor, and their playfulness in a way that melted our hearts.  It was so hard to choose between all of the pictures because we saw so much personality in each of them.  You did and awesome job and appreciate how easy you were to work with!  Thanks again  –Erin

We had a wonderful experience with Abbott Images.  Libby was professional and cheerful, and had a special way with the kids that allowed them to trust her.  I was shocked that they actually smiled for the camera, which doesn’t happen often.  The pictures were beautiful and we had so many good ones that it was hard to pick out which ones we wanted to buy.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone, but especially families with children.  Thank you for the great pictures!  –Laura Lyon

We had so much fun and you made the experience MUCH less stressful with your easy going personality and willingness to let us make suggestions also.  To me, it’s always better if the photo session can work as a two-way street…You definitely provided us with MORE than enough great pictures to choose from!!!!  Thanks again for the GREAT pictures!!!  –Jamie W.