The sweet little toes, the tiny tuft of hair, delicate fingers wrapped around yours….

The instantaneous hold on our hearts is undeniable. From the very moment they come into this world, our babies change our lives. Bringing us joy, teaching us an even greater love, and filling our hearts with pride.


We’ll capture every detail, perfectly preserved in love.

Newborn Session $550

Your Newborn Session will be approximately 2 hours long, and will include a complete gallery of full-resolution digital files and a print release.

A full range of printed products is also available! I’m happy to help you create the perfect gallery wall for your nursery.

Please note: Newborns are easiest to photography in the first 5-12 days after birth. 

It is best to schedule your newborn session at least one month in advance of your due date. Babies come when they will, on their own timetable. When booking a newborn session, I make sure to reserve session times for two weeks on either side of your due date.

Newborn Sessions are two hours long, allowing us to work at a nice relaxed pace that meets the needs of your baby. Please feel free to nurse/feed and change your baby as often as you like!

Approximately one half of the session will be used to create portraits focused only on your newborn. I’ll capture all of the tiny details as well as some posed newborn photographs. The safety and comfort of your child are highly important to me–I practice only safe newborn posing techniques.

The other half of your session will be used to create portraits that include parents and siblings. I’ll work with you and your family to find the best way to schedule your session to keep everyone happy. Often times it works out well to have one parent bring siblings for either the first or last hour of the session.

Studio Sessions

Studio sessions offer my full array of blankets, wraps, baskets, headbands, hats and newborn props. You’re welcome to choose which you’d like to use as you arrive and settle in for your session, or if you let me know what colors you prefer I’m happy to pull together some choices for you! While I’m photographing your newborn, feel free to take a relaxing break or grab a cup of coffee. Make yourself at home!

Baby's First Year: All Inclusive Package

The Baby’s First Year plan ($2000) is the easiest way to capture all of the smiles, milestones and first steps of your little one as they grow! Baby’s First Year includes newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 1 year sessions. Baby’s First Year packages include a complete gallery of full-resolution digital files and a print release from each of your 5 sessions.

In-Home Sessions

In-Home sessions are also available for newborns! I’ll bring a selection of blankets, wraps and props to your home and set up a small studio space. You’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. Enjoy the comfort of your own home while we create your newborn portraits.

Maternity Sessions

Maternity Sessions ($450) help tell your baby’s story from the very beginning. The 7th or 8th month is a great time to schedule your maternity session, as many moms-to-be find this period of the pregnancy to be the easiest. Or if you’d like to do something a bit earlier, we could have lots of fun with a pregnancy or gender announcement!

Maternity Sessions include a complete gallery of full-resolution digital files and a print release.